A report on Leeds Property Market in 2015

Leeds property market has seen a thriving year in 2015. Investors, local as well as foreign, has shown a keen interest in Leeds because of ever rising prices in London. The average return in London is next to nothing whereas properties in Leeds has an attractive average return of 10% .

C4P Estate Agents has prepared an interesting analytical report after a thorough review of the total properties sold in 2015 in Leeds. Below are some interesting facts:

Total Properties sold in Leeds in 2015 13,597
Average Sold Price £227,350
Most Popular Post Code (833 properties) LS29
Least Popular Post Code (26 properties) LS3
Total Transaction Value of 2015   £3,091,282,887

Please see the analyses of number of properties sold in each area.

Following is property type wise analyses:

Property Type No of Properties Sold Max Sold Price Min Sold Price Average Sold Price
Detached Houses 2,296 2,850,000 35,000 357,962
Flats 2,252 845,000 10,000 128,892
Others 204 38,859,954 1,950 2,477,746
Semi-detached 4,492 1,100,000 15,000 185,291
Terraced 4,353 1,215,000 10,000 147,336
Grand Total 13,597 38,859,954 1,950 227,350

If you want to see any specific area of Leeds, please click the relevant area:

LS1 LS5 LS9 LS13 LS17 LS21 LS25 LS29
LS2 LS6 LS10 LS14 LS18 LS22 LS26
LS3 LS7 LS11 LS15 LS19 LS23 LS27
LS4 LS8 LS12 LS16 LS20 LS24 LS28

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