Tenant FAQs

What is the difference between fully managed and let-only property?

Fully managed property means that we will take care of everything on behalf of the Landlords. Our in-house property managers and maintenance team will resolve all maintenance and repair issues.

Let only our landlord manage property means we are a middleman in finding tenants and doing essential paperwork. After that, the management goes to the landlords, and they take care of everything. Fully managed properties are more common in town. Our let-only clients are also trustworthy. We protect your rights in both ways.

What do we mean by furnished and unfurnished?

Unfurnished means that the property doesn’t have all essentials for a living. You can expect carpets or curtains, etc. but not other items of use. Furnished stands for everything a living may require. From bedding to kitchen items, you will find everything at your ease.

City apartments and short-term let's are mostly furnished, and you can move in to start a new life. We provide an inventory list that will make you more clear about fully managed and fully furnished properties.

What is a tenancy agreement?

It is a document that binds you legally. You have to pay the rent till the end of the agreed term. Legal action could be taken if you breach the agreement. If you fichallengingficult to complete the agreed terms, talk to your landlord and find a possible solution.

Is insurance important?

Of course. You may do any damage to the landlord’s belongings accidentally. Most buildings are insured against flood, theft or fire, but others are not. Consult your insurance provider.

What should I do with pets?

Landlords are not comfortable with allowing pets. But we can speak your words to your landlord if you want to keep them.

What sort of references do you prefer?

Your address history is the most important. It helps us to search for a credit reference agency. Written references will be obtained from your current employer, landlord or agent. For self-employed people, we ask for account details. Overseas tenants are given special provisions. Our staff is here to help you further.

When does a need for a guarantor arise?

If your income feels lower than the rent requirements or if you go to study, we may need a guarantor to support your tenancy. The guarantor will be equally responsible as the tenant for all tenancy terms. Guarantors should be earning enough to fulfil these terms. They will be treated as actual tenants.

How much deposit is mandatory? Is it refundable?

The amount of the deposit normally equals 5 weeks’ rent. The deposit for £500 PCM rent will be £576.90. While we manage the property, the deposit is held in a bonded client account per government regulations. Deposit is protected during and after a tenancy. At the end of tenancy, the amount is used to negotiate deductions helping the tenant and landlord to reach an agreement. All deposits are protected by law. If you rent through another landlord or agent, ask them which tenancy deposit scheme they have registered with.

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