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Selling home is not just selling some bricks and mortar. It involves emotions, memories, attachment and big amount of money. It is generally considered as one of the most stressful events in someone’s life. The longer you have owned the house or lived in it, the harder it becomes for you to sell it.

For us also, at Care4Properties, it is not just a sales transaction. It is a challenge. We provide support, advice, as well as professional, honest and friendly service because we know that this is the time you need it most. We will sell your property within the right timeframe at the best possible price.

We have an extensive local knowledge. We know exactly how to match your property to the right potential buyers.

Let people who care as much as you do sell your property by calling us today on 0113-2488181

  • We have a long list of buyers/investors who are actively looking for properties in Leeds
  • We are number one choice of investors
  • Hundreds of buyers drawn to our renowned branch each month
  • We have in-depth local knowledge
  • All fees and terms and conditions are clear
  • We abide by the strictest codes of practice

We are currently receiving a large number of applicants looking for new properties. If you are thinking about selling, then NOW would be a great time.

We can Sell Your Property for a Small One-Off Fee of £850*Plus VAT. Nothing Up-front. Fee payable only on completion. We will get our fee when you get your money. So simple!Smiley Face

Our expert team of staff with years of experience & knowledge can give you free no-obligation information and support.

Just call: 0113 248 8181

or text: 07528 793 486

or email:

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*For the houses valued upto £100,000. For the houses more than £100,000, our fee is 1% plus VAT. Terms applied.