Client Money Protection (CMP)

Client Money Protection is a great scheme offered by the government of the UK. It works in favour of landlords and tenants simultaneously. It has been declared a legal requirement for all estate agents since April 2019.

It is a compulsion for all estate agents to have a membership of Client Money Protection. Since we are members of CMP, you don’t have any chance to confront the financial loss, and we take our landlords to a state of ease and composure. It ensures the security of their money and the protection of their property.

What Is Client Money Protection?

This scheme allows landlords and tenants to reimburse their financial loss when the agents misuse their money. Landlords and tenants can claim their rent or deposit. The ARLA Property mark will arrange compensation for them. Their capital is often embezzled when ARLA does not protect landlords and tenants.

Our Landlords Will Always Be Privileged

Being associated with Care Properties as a landlord, you will be relaxed and content because we have competent people with experience and professional training. They are nominated for further training at regular intervals. They can help you with all your letting needs. We are a member of ARLA Propertymark. This will provide you with guaranteed money protection.  Along with that, you will be able to avail many advantages, such as:

Our skilful and expert team members always know the most recent registration laws and letting practice.

  • We strictly follow the TPO code of practice to avoid any misappropriation. 
  • You will not face a tough time having a vacant property because we have many registered tenants.
  • You will be given access to our Landlord portal, which you can log in to anywhere.
  • You can see your property at a prominent place in our property marketing.

Get Proof Of Your Money Protection From Your Agent

  • Verify your agent’s agency on the property mark website.
  • The Consumer Rights Act of the UK states that the CMP certificate must be displayed in the estate agent’s office and on the website.

Few Queries You Must Put Forward To Your Agent

  • Have you provided all legal documents to the tenants needed to initiate the tenancy?
  • What is your strategy to protect my money in the prevailing combative environment?
  • What is your expected timespan to take any action against rent defaulters?
  • “Your agent is not a member of CMP”, What should be your take on this?

You need to talk to your agent straight away to clarify the fact.

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