Selling FAQs

What should be my first step towards selling my property?

Receiving a valuation of your property should be your first step. For a better idea, you should consult at least three estate agents to determine the exact value of your property. It will help you to make up your mind for the future.

How would I know the worth of my property?

The final value is always that a buyer agrees to pay for the property, but we will do a free valuation of your property through our experienced and dedicated team.

What are the different types of charges that I will have to pay on selling my home?

You will have to spend some money on renovation, and there are some unavoidable fees that you have to pay, such as property survey, estate agent fee, conveyancing/solicitors.

What timespan should I keep in my mind to sell my property?

Many factors are involved in selling your property, such as locality, the demand, valuation results, market appraisals, and most of all, the type and condition of your property.

Is it necessary for me to be present at the viewing?

It is up to your convenience; the estate agent can conduct the viewing for you, and you may accompany him sometimes.

Can viewing be continued after receiving offers?

Yes, it can be carried on if the offer is unsatisfactory or sure, but once an agreement is signed, the viewing will be closed.

Should I apply for an EPC?

Every seller must have an energy performance certificate (EPC). This certificate is valid for ten years. So, if you already have it, you are not supposed to purchase a new one.

At what point can I not quit selling my property?

Both parties can quit at any time. But if a contract is signed, they can not back off.

What are the title deeds?

These deeds are the proof of ownership of your property. Your solicitor will transfer to the buyer. It is mainly your solicitor’s responsibility.

What do I have to leave on the property?

There is no hard and fast rule, you are not supposed to leave your belongings, such as furniture or other stuff, but you can negotiate for some of the appliances.

Who has to pay Capital Gains Tax?

You can only pay your Capital Gains Tax if the property is not your main house.

When will I have to vacate the house?

We charge a very reasonable fee for services rendered and are known for providing efficient and cost-effective services to our customer base which offers peace of mind and maximum returns.

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Selling FAQs

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