Landlords FAQs

Why should I hire an agent?

No doubt, the landlord is free to decide between hiring an agent or not. He has the option to carry on the process on his own. Since letting one’s property is usually not taken as a full-time business by many investors. So, it is advisable to hire an agent to save time and get things done uninterrupted.

This process demands many legal and technical aspects to be done by the landlords. Sometimes missing a minor term can put you in hot water. You may have to face offender prosecution as well. C4P is capable of taking care of all these needs and requisites. We have well-trained staff to ensure that you get the most suitable tenants at the best rent, avoiding all sorts of legal complications

What type of services does your company offer to the landlords?

We offer mainly two types of services that include letting or letting and Management Services. The private service is specifically suitable for accomplished landlords, whose purpose is to avail the opportunities of operating the administration of their property conveniently. Our Letting and Management Service is a complete package of assistance utility and solutions for landlords. Generally, landlords prefer this service because it gives them a chance to relax and enjoy the automation of letting. We handle your property from beginning to end. Our devoted and skillful team makes a far-reaching tenancy agreement to protect your rights and keep them up-to-date according to the latest legislation. So, when you are surrounded by highly experienced and well-trained professionals, why take a chance to do the job with a low profile and lose the opportunity of earning more money and availing deep satisfaction.

What is the procedure for the payment of the rent?

Tenants usually choose to pay the rent through a standing order or a direct debit. We prefer the option of the standing order to make the monthly payment of the rent. The amount is transferred by BACS to your account. Sending comprehensive statements to the landlord is an essential part of our services.

What type of agreement do you offer to the landlords?

We offer highly customized agreements depending upon the position of both the parties and the condition of the property. The minimum period of the Tenancy agreement is six months.

What steps do you take when a tenant fails to pay the rent?

Firstly, we choose a tenant who owns reliable sources to pay the rent, as life is full of unpredictable incidents, sometimes the perfect scenarios are changed into difficult times. However, if the tenant has not paid the rent due to avoidable reasons, we will suggest the best possible solutions to deal with the rent defaulters.

How would you protect the deposit?

We register tenancy deposits with a government-approved scheme. We usually collect four to six weeks’ rent as a deposit. We utilize the deposit money to cover all sorts of losses faced by the landlords. We hold it with us till the tenant clears all the dues and hands over the property to the landlord in an acceptable state. We ensure to write all the terms and conditions clearly in the Tenancy Agreement, to avoid any inconvenience regarding the deposit.

What should I do when my property is vacant?

You must have a good insurance policy for your property. We would suggest you contact the insurance company as soon as your property is vacant.

What would be my expenses as a landlord?

You will have to pay for the following:

  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Renovation and restoration of the property
  • In case of leasehold ground rent and service fee
  • Estate agent’s charges
  • In case of vacant property, utilities, and services fees

When will I be liable to pay the tax?

It usually depends upon your circumstances. The liability of tax differs between resident and non-resident landlords. We have to deposit the amount to the revenue tax each text year. You are required to provide us a letter of exemption from the department to avail of the facility. Another significant clause is that if the property is owned by two business partners or a married couple, each owner will have to acquire the exemption letter individually. We will facilitate you to avail this opportunity. In addition to that, we will also make the necessary order of operation for you where applicable. Our staff is highly trained, for saving the client’s money.

How should I select the buildings and Insurance Company?

We can guide you to find a competitive and driven Insurance Company. Kindly discuss this matter with our team to have a piece of extensive knowledge. It will help you to make the right decision.

What steps should I take in case of a leasehold?

You would need to bring to the notice of managing agents and the freeholders about all sorts of steps you will take for the property. It is advisable to take their consent in black and white. Their priorities and limitations should be delivered to the tenants through us in the form of an agreement.

Whose responsibilities are the gardens?

It certainly depends upon the size and the volume of the garden. Typically the small-sized, traditional lawns are the tenant’s responsibility. If the garden is too big or you have any rare and valuable kinds of plants in it, then it is preferable to put your effort into it and provide a gardener. However, the wages of the gardener could be added to the rental value. The garden is a part of the property that enhances its face value as well as market value. You should also arrange all the tools that are compulsory for the maintenance of your garden.

Is furnished letting is preferable or not?

Furnished or unfurnished, both the lettings have their significance. It depends on the market value and locality of your property. However, in the light of our experience, the unfurnished letting is more successful and adaptable. You need to provide white curtains and carpets for an unfurnished property. You are required to supply the goods for a furnished property. All the articles should be in accordance with the design, size and locality of your property. Sometimes you are asked to arrange specified goods on the tenant’s demand as well. If you want to choose between a furnished and unfurnished property to receive good rent, let us clarify that furnishing the property will not add much to increasing the rental value of your property.

What are my responsibilities as a landlord towards the maintenance of the property?

The responsibilities of the maintenance and repair of the property, are distributed among the landlord and the tenant. The landlord and tenant act 1985 describes it in detail. In addition to that, the Tenancy agreement also clarifies all the ambiguities. The landlord must keep the building structure in good condition, maintain sanitation and ensure the availability of services. During the tenant’s stay in the house, the replacement and repairing of different articles depend upon the clause and conditions mentioned in the Tenancy Agreement. Both parties have to agree upon it and follow it strictly to avoid any mishap and inconvenience. As your local agents, we would suggest to you many terms and conditions keep you safe from bearing undue expenses.

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