Spend a Penny to save a Pound

There are many kinds of property repairs such as urgent, day-to-day, routine or extremely urgent. All property repairs are essential to protect the landlord’s investment but landlords usually ignore the day-to-day or routine repair issues. At Care4Properties, we believe that these minor repairs should also be given proper attention as ignoring these can prove costly afterwards. For example, ignoring a minor leak in the ceiling which is reported by the tenant only in case of rain could cause major damages resulting in big repair bill.

Water damage, blocked guttering, overgrown gardens, broken fencing and signs of damp and mould are some examples where spending a penny now can save a pound later. At Care4Properties, we have experienced that tenants sometimes also ignore to report the minor repairs to the agents or landlords resulting in big repair bills after couple of months.

That is the reason at Care4Properties, we regularly conduct routine property inspections. These inspections give us a deeper understanding of the tenant and help us build a bond with them. This also gives us an idea how the tenant is keeping the property. More importantly, it will give us a clear picture as far as repair and maintenance of the property is concerned.

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