Leeds on the top of the north rich list

LEEDS is the sixth richest city in the UK and the wealthiest in the north of England, according to the latest Barclays UK Prosperity Map

The map also reveals that Yorkshire and Humberside is the ninth most wealthy region, coming ahead of Scotland, Wales and the North East.

There are now 28,000 millionaires in Yorkshire and Humberside – a 33 per cent increase on 2010. Care4Properties, the leading Estate Agents in Leeds, confirmed the tremendous level of rising inquiries from all over the UK for the properties in Leeds.  Estate and Letting agents in Leeds

Barclays say there are 715,000 millionaires living in Britain, compared with 508,000 in 2010.

The prosperity index found that Reading, Cambridge, Birmingham and Bristol are the most affluent cities outside of London. Leeds was found to be the sixth richest city, followed by Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Barclays say surging property for sale in Leeds prices and big profits in equity markets in recent years have combined with higher income and employment rates to create more millionaires as the UK economy gets back on track.

Figures from the Land Registry show the average price for a house for sale in Leeds rose from £172,133 in 2010 to £178,156 in 2014, an increase of three-and-a-half per cent in Property sale. leading Estate and letting agents in Leeds term the change positive for Leeds long term prosperity.

Multi-millionaire businessman from Leeds Steve Parkin’s wealth increased last year after logistics firm Clipper Group, the company he founded in 1992, was successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange. Estate and Letting agents in Leeds

Mr Parkin’s personal property company has invested £110m in The Central Square scheme, which is under construction in Leeds city centre.

Leeds United fan Mr Parkin, who still lives in Leeds, said he has set aside £20m to invest in Yorkshire-based companies, adding: “I think Leeds is having growth again after a few years of stagnation. I think the city will continue to flourish, all it needs now is a Premiership football club.

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