HSBC mortgage rates reduced by up to 0.10%

HSBC has reduced rates on selected mortgage products between 60% and 80% LTV by up to 0.10%.

HSBC mortgage rates include:

  • Two-year fixed rate at 60 % LTV, £999 fee, cut by 0.05 per cent to 1.19 per cent. The zero fee equivalent is now 1.49 per cent.
    • Five-year fixed rate at 60 % LTV with no fee, reduced by 0.05 % to 1.59 per cent.
    • Five-year fixed rate at 80 per cent LTV with no fee, reduced by 0.10 per cent to 1.89 per cent.

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Michelle Andrews, HSBC UK’s head of buying a home, said:

“While the purchase of properties has understandably slowed, time marches on for those who are on a fixed-rate deal.

“Many homeowners will have taken out their mortgage or remortgaged in the spring. And their deal is now up for renewal, or they risk moving onto a higher standard variable rate mortgage.”

Andrews further added that borrowers should take a close look at how the additional cost of moving onto a standard variable rate could impact their finances.

HSBC UK serves around 14.5 million customers across the UK, supported by 32,000 colleagues. HSBC UK offers a complete range of retail banking and wealth management to personal and private banking customers, as well as commercial banking for small to medium businesses and large corporates.

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