Best Places To Live In Leeds

Best Places To Live In Leeds

Leeds is seen as one of the most popular cities in the UK. It caters to a variety of people who are looking for an affordable lifestyle outside of London, whether that’s folks with growing families, students, or even retired people. Concerning its great job opportunities, strong economy, lower than average housing prices, affordable living cost, and superb shopping hubs, living in Leeds would be considered a great decision. Taking the above characteristics into account, Leeds was recently named ‘the best place to live in England by a survey from ‘Money Supermarket’. One of the main reasons for this is that some of the safest places to live are in Leeds. The city has a lot to offer, with its amazing transport links to the north and south, along with its international airport and outstanding green space and countryside locations. 


Five Best Locations In Leeds:

The following locations are considered the best places to live in Leeds. For people looking to move or people living in Leeds, this article will put some light on the details of the city helping you make the best property decisions. 

Horsforth: Leeds

Horsforth is considered one of the top and safest places to live in Leeds for people looking to invest in property. One of the biggest advantages of living in Horsforth is that it is great for commuting. It is home to its train station, which makes transportation readily available. It is surrounded by Harrogate and York to the north, Wakefield to the south, Bradford to the west and the main Leeds city centre itself, which is just a thirteen-minute train ride away. This is great for people who want a relaxed and peaceful location for their families but also want to see the city life once in a while. Living in Leeds at this location would mean that families could take advantage of everything a local area has to offer, which includes art and culture, countryside, shopping, and restaurants all of which can be obtained without the use of a car.

Horsforth is also the home to excellent educational facilities. Some of which have been rated outstanding by ‘Ofsted’ which includes The Beecroft primary school and Westbrook Lane primary.


Roundhay Park: Popular For Its Green Spaces

Roundhay is most popularly known for its green landscape dominated by a huge park. This park is well known for its events that are hosted regularly throughout the year, such as bonfire nights and live concerts. It also consists of lakes, playgrounds, and sports fields. This suburb is also considered one of the safest places to live in Leeds. However, this beautiful Leeds suburb is not just simply known for its outdoor locations but also for other factors. The prices of housing in this part of Leeds are indeed more costly than in other suburbs, but it is still considered appealing to many people. Over the last few years, many students and young professionals have moved here to rent it buy properties, which has created a friendly environment thanks to the new bars, cafes, and restaurants, which have served a wealth of different food cultures, transforming the central area of Roundhay.

The popular Leeds suburb is also famous for its desirable housing. Despite having higher price values, houses here don’t stay on the market for long. Even though living in other parts of Leeds is much cheaper, people are still willing to pay extra to live in Roundhay to enjoy local amenities right at their doorstep.  

Roundhay also has the benefit of perfect commuting due to its easy access to the main city centre which is just a five-minute ride by road. It is also known as the catchment area for schools and excellent educational facilities. 


Headingley: The Student Hub 

Many years ago, Headingley was just a town in itself, but thanks to the low-priced student accommodation it has now become a hub for the vibrant and diverse student population. Due to the location of this suburb and its easy access to the main Leeds city centre, many students have made Headingley their home. This part of Leeds is not only recognised for its higher education opportunities but it’s also having an attractive night live with amazing restaurants, pubs, and bars. This area is also seen as one of the safest and best places to live in Leeds. Other than this, Headingley also caters to great sporting connections as it is home to the Yorkshire country cricket club and local sports are also represented by the Headingley football team and the Rugby League Emerald stadium. There is no shortage of transport and travel facilities here. Headingley itself consists of all kinds of shops and outlets, so there is rarely any need to head to the city centre. However, the city centre is only a thirty-minute walk and there are also alternative transportation opportunities available such as trains and buses. 


Chapel Allerton: The Place For Varied Housing 

Chapel Allerton is located in the north of Leeds, which has become an attractive district for all types of property buyers. It is considered one of the most popular places to live in Leeds. It consists of varied housing opportunities, which can satisfy all price buckets. Chapel Allerton’s property market has something to offer to everyone, whether that’s big families, single couples, or even students. This is because the property ratio varies from big houses, studios, and one-two bedroom apartments. In the past few years, Chapel Allerton has been given the name of ‘The Notting Hill of the north’ due to its increasing property market and its higher-than-average prices to match. This suburb has a very friendly environment and plenty of shops, pubs, cafes, and bars that offer all types of cuisines at all price tags as well as being a very safe place to live. Even though Chapel Allerton does not have its train station, travelling is easy as there are buses that go into the city regularly and because this suburb is just 2 miles away from the main Leeds city commuting is very easy whether that’s by car or bus. 


Leeds Waterfront; The Heart Of Leeds City Centre

Why move near the city when you can move into the heart of it? Over the past two decades, Leeds city has undergone some major reinvention. It used to be a city best known only for its industry sector, however, now it is also known for its cosmopolitan and vibrant locations with views of the river Aire alongside transportation without the use of buses and trains. Even though the property market here isn’t cheap (although it’s far less than in London) people find it worth the extra few pennies. This is because of the level of convenience this city has to offer. Leeds is a very safe area and residents that are living in Leeds have every luxury at their doorstep, whether that’s world-class pubs, restaurants, shops, museums, or transportation links to the capital and other parts of Yorkshire.


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